there’s a wishing well

photoart - the shoal @hanginguptodry
If wishes were fishes we’d all cast nets in the seaEric Bogle song*
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Wishing is a well where want and will
bubble to the surface bobbing just beyond reach
but with disappointment dimmed and reasons silenced
up gushes a garden where yes! – the roses grow
amongst exhibitionist blooms of the fully saturated hue

crucified to courtyard walls, trees proffer fruit on sunbaked limbs
pastel borders, prettily composed, pale to significance
before the herbiary of aromas tumbling underfoot
deep green corners give shady contemplation
to fern and frond and leaf vein mandalas

from shallow overflows insects sip like cautious antelope
where wayward water courses provision wildlife
mown though a meadow, pathways beating the bounds to the brook
reeds wave me over to a kitschy wishing well
there I happily drown my sorrows

Akin to the old English proverb “if wishes were horses beggars would ride” which my grandmother would quote. It has the effect of quashing daydreams but preventing time wasting and the dashing of hopes…but still I pray for a garden of my own, even a much humbler one than this one conjured for Poetics: Wishful thinking


19 thoughts on “there’s a wishing well

  1. Wonderful wordsmithing. I especially like ” trees proffer fruit on sunbaked limbs” and “from shallow overflows insects sip like cautious antelope”. What a beautiful garden to wish for!


    1. so often wishing stirs discontent hence the proverb but your prompt encourages that horizon of optimism that we had as children – thank you – I enjoyed planting words in my imaginary garden


  2. This is a wonderful poem. I love the last stanza and especially the first two lines, where you are drawn to the wishing well to drown your sorrows. may we all be so lucky as to be able to drown our sorrows.


    1. how we repress wishes as we age especially if dogged by disappointment so could only see a wish as an upgush – had to get all the lovely things out before reason switched off the flow – thank you for your appreciation Sumana


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