Fragment of faith

“the opposite of sin is not virtue but faith” (Kierkegaard)

Sin is so passé
a speck in the eye
irrigated by self interest
we should blame ourselves
wriggling off the hook
with priestly panaceas
burdensome are mea culpas
imagine instead a cloud of irksome flies
fragments of faith
haloing our heads across green pastures

44 words for Yom Kippur and the DVerse Quadrille #18 +cloud


27 thoughts on “Fragment of faith

  1. This is a powerful quadrille for Yom Kippur, Laura. The opening line is so true – it seems that people no longer think of sin as sin and think up feeble excuses for it, ‘irrigated by self interest’. My favourite image is of the ‘cloud of irksome flies… haloing our heads across green pastures’. The warnings are all there but no one wants to read them.


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