River glance

Meek and nearly sunless the stripe of river
when summer all but fills the backwaters
Oaks overcast a few fixed-focus fishermen
who cast below their piscine hopes with flies
catch sight of perch, barbel and bream
and dream kingfisher blue lightning
sudden thunder and rain beating
time to swan wings overhead

I walk the rhythm of a slow running river
the wayward way of glances bank to bank
watch where mirrored patches briefly peer
in shrouds of bramble, fern  and balsam flower
note each beck and call of full fledged birds
and all but drown in vacant backwaters

Joining Paul’s Poetics as he takes us down river


19 thoughts on “River glance

  1. A wonderful ode to the river and riverbank. The colours, sights and sounds you conjure evoke a timeless quality.I can almost hear the hum of dragonfly here. Thanks for this wonderful addition to the River prompt.


  2. Oh, I like the image at the beginning. And the imagery of your words: “I walk the rhythm of a slow-running river.” Nice. I’ve experienced that pleasantness many times, and your words describe it perfectly.


      1. I also remember the day I walked home from work to our flat in Aarau, and joined a group of people united in wonder at the Eisvogel (the German name captures the shimmer and sparkle in a different way)


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