Chance encounter

A chance meet ill-met
eyes matching yours
catching sight of black cat
stock still amongst cattails*
green-eyed monster
jealously guards the pond edge
blithely bobbing fluffballs
nemesis in nettle shades
we saved the day but…
never cross my path again
next time heed the sign:
‘Trespassers have no invite.
Strays are in my sights”

*aka Bullrushes

Playing it again with Kerry’s Flash 55 + Trespass & putting this sliver of a 55 word offering in the Poetry Pantry



29 thoughts on “Chance encounter

  1. O how five feet of extra elevation would change the relation between human and cat. Don’t say we weren’t warned, in encounters like this! We take such things lightly at our peril. Sharp sense of trespass here, does it expand to human border-wrangling as well?

  2. Hahaha I remember burning them as torches Before they could post
    “‘Trespassers have no invite.
    Strays are in my sights”
    Another wonderful read here.

  3. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I would chase away trespassing cats from here too – but only because my fearful resident cat would otherwise feel threatened. 🙂 I liked both photo and poem.

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