photoart – ©laura granby

Chromatic conjurer by night
vivid sights for flight and fright
cryptic signs in lust’s designs
guessing games of who entwines
shape-shift scenes, expectant pause
door to door down corridors
coming up for words and air
remarkably bare
this waking dream
almost monochrome it seems

A touch of escapism as De asks us to Dream for Quadrille #38 And finding more poets in the Imaginary Garden’s Tuesday Platform


37 thoughts on “Imaginings

  1. coming up for words and air … especially liked that line and the image it created in scary monochrome! (I was thinking of shape shifting too, though in a different context!)


  2. ‘Chromatic conjurer’ – a marvelous alliterative phrase, Laura, which is beautifully illustrated by the image. I also enjoyed the internal rhyme of ‘light/fright’, signs/designs, door/corridors. I almost felt sucked into the waking dream.


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