As a bird

gull in free flight
photoart and poem – © 2017 Laura Granby

free verse
dismisses regimental rhyme
overrules page forms
lets accentuals loose
liquid quicksilver
lava flow
– but no-
dry dip-pen scratchings
scuttle like crabs off sandpaper
scatter almost scatologically
cerebration, constipation
Try Harder! – now there’s the strain
bumbling stumbling block
I just – must – let – go

44 words trying to fly off the page  for De’s  Quadrille: Free


35 thoughts on “As a bird

  1. Oh, man do I ever love this:
    “dry dip-pen scratchings
    scuttle like crabs off sandpaper”

    Those crabby, crabby words. More of these than birds for me, lately. Well done, Laura. Such strong images here.


  2. LOVE this….and yes, sometimes that poetic muse is sooooo hard to come by….and if we just let loose, it pops in place. Especially love these lines
    “dry dip-pen scratchings
    scuttle like crabs off sandpaper”


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