the crux

church of St Paul's photoart & poem - the crux
photoart & poem – ©2017 Laura Granby

Sometimes the West door is sealed
cameras secreted where gargoyles scrutinize lead rooves
people disbarred – or lured by coffee aromas
vegan buns and picnickers in pews
I wander our churches for whereabouts of worship
and coming to the crunch
feel God wondering there too

Just 44 words scrunched together for De’s Quadrille: Crunch
(informal: a crucial point or situation)


36 thoughts on “the crux

  1. Many years ago when I worked in Cheapside, I used to wander down to St Paul’s on my lunch break. Back then it wasn’t quite so busy in the week, not so many tourists, and it was a place to enjoy peace and quiet, some time to think. I can understand God wondering at the picnickers in the pews.

        1. Dear ladies, sorry that I fail to resist nosing into this conversation. Here’s why: Whenever I’m in the UK, I often park my car near St Mary-le-Bow, eat in Bread Street Kitchen or the sort and hang round the churchyard of St Paul’s (never paid to get in either). So, next time if you see a Chinese guy with a young family of five in the area, maybe you can give him a shout and ask if he’s a pescetarian. Lol

  2. I liked God’s wondering and the sound of “picnickers in pews”. That was a very nice photograph. It reminded me of stained glass which would fit the church theme.

  3. There’s a small caf in St Paul’s crypt but I’ve never seen anyone picnicking in the pews. I must watch for this next time that I’m there.

  4. Great take on the prompt. You had me a little confused with “rooves,” which I assume is meant to be a plural of roof? But once I got past that, I loved the underlying theme.

      1. And these are the days when many claim to belong to the pen, and many claim to be the shepherd. Wanderers on the pasture … wondering if they’re faithfully following. *sigh*

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