photoart & poem – © 2018 Laura Granby

“A hill, the symbols
of time, the mirror of mind
continuous, motionless,
listening to themselves…” 

free ranging and for the most part motionless
mounds arise in a variety of vertical vestments
we are drawn like magnets to magnificence
worship the hush between rock and welkin
elevate heights to climax with all the words and stones
mind can muster –  ’til the spirit stirs
is moved to recite commandments
prayers that go wayward with the wind

the ascent of man began
and ended here where the path peters out
faith faltered forever on Golgotha hill
but the birds fly higher still

Opening lines from Salvatore Quasimodo’s – ‘On the Island’ – tangential inspiration but it moved the Muse into some action. And in time to add this morsel to Sunday’s Poetry Pantry



20 thoughts on “Zenith

  1. sanaarizvi

    Love this!❤️ There is something distinctly reassuring about nature that allows one to connect with his inner self. Especially adore; “til the spirit stirs is moved to recite commandments prayers that go wayward with the wind.” Beautifully penned.❤️

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