the quickening

photoart & poem – ©2018 Laura Granby

it matters not these stinging raindrops
winter’s outrun; the pursuer alights
– an insurgent swift as leaping flames
roots rally in the rot of litterfall
waning embers of smouldering golden reds
the ice has given way and fires subside
around March, when winds blow by

Putting some heat into 44  words for De’s ‘Let’s Fire it Up‘ quadrille


42 thoughts on “the quickening

  1. sanaarizvi

    This is absolutely exquisite and has that Robert Frost poem feel 💖 Love “waning embers of smouldering golden reds.” 😍

  2. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Portland, Oregon today, but the rain will soon return. And so I found hope in this opening line: “it matters not these stinging raindrops.” Even when the rain returns, spring is on the way and summer soon to follow.

  3. That’s an amazing line, Laura:
    ‘roots rally in the rot of litterfall’
    and I love the final line, with spring blowing in on those March winds.

      1. I very much like poems that have such a rhythm the reader seems to hear a rhyme that isn’t there, as much as I like the poems that rhyme in such a natural way the reader isn’t aware of the rhyme.

    1. Never thought of it like that Margaret – she struggles to banish winter and only manages towards the end – still she blows away the cobwebs and the last of the old leaves. She is the freshness of a new start 🙂

  4. Today walking around in the snow falling and feeling the cold fire of the flakes on my cheeks I totally understand the stinging rsindrops. But spring is coming. There is still hope@

  5. A beautiful cadence to your poem as I read it read aloud. I especially love “an insurgent swift as leaping flames roots rally in the rot of litterfall”.

    1. thank you for your very nice comment Mish – I like ‘cadence’ very much – I tend to write the poem first and polish it by reading it aloud adjusting the sounds whilst hanging on to some sense of sense!

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