About my blog(s)

I’d like to think I was a writer in my last life, or maybe that’s my next one. Meanwhile in this blog manifestation, I’m just a  wordist who loves the English language and likes to string a few sentences together. More recently I’ve taken up writing poetry again, with prompts and support from fellow versifiers…

…more about this in the interview @ Poets United

I’m quite a regular poster, though I have to to wait for the Muse to inspire, a photo to prompt or WordPress and others memes to issue a challenge. Hence I’ve a page of links for Inspiration – I’d welcome additions to this list!

I began blog life some years ago with a garden journal but when I lost the garden I dropped the spade, picked up the camera and started photoblogging. As the months passed, I missed having something to write about and hence ‘Tell Tale Therapy’ is just that!

Here pictures matter much less than words – whereas on my other blog it’s…

  • more serious photography with or without a few choice lines @ eljaygee

Having more than one blog can be challenging but I manage to juggle my time between them. Followers are not inundated because I only post as and when so do join me in my blog manifestations


8 thoughts on “About my blog(s)

  1. I’d like to thank you for dropping in at Waiting On Words. I have four blogs, one I reserve for an occasional online class. One is prose, one poetry, and one concerning intuition and how to strengthen and use it as the gift that it is. Thanks also for tracking down the thread about the dragons. They usually creep in somewhere just beyond the half-way mark of the April poem a day challenge when I find it hard to reconcile why I’ve chosen to do this thing again. This year seemed to fly by, and I enjoyed it more for sharing the daily prompt giving. It worked out quite well. Are you on Facebook? I’d enjoy chatting with you a bit. Email is good as well,


    1. you need the power of dragons to balance your blogs and be so creative Elizabeth. I did enjoy the few times I participated with your April prompts- no FB or Twitter but click avatar for email

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