About my blog(s)

I’d like to think I was a writer in my last life, or maybe that’s my next one. Meanwhile in this blog manifestation, I’m just a  wordist who loves the English language and likes to string a few sentences together. More recently I’ve taken up writing poetry again, with prompts and support from fellow versifiers…

…more about this in the interview @ Poets United

I’m quite a regular poster, though I have to to wait for the Muse to inspire, a photo to prompt or WordPress and others memes to issue a challenge. Hence I’ve a page of links for Inspiration – I’d welcome additions to this list!

I began blog life some years ago with a garden journal but when I lost the garden I dropped the spade, picked up the camera and started photoblogging. As the months passed, I missed having something to write about and hence ‘Tell Tale Therapy’ is just that!

Here pictures matter much less than words – whereas on my other blog it’s…

  • more serious photography with or without a few choice lines @ eljaygee

Having more than one blog can be challenging but I manage to juggle my time between them. Followers are not inundated because I only post as and when so do join me in my blog manifestations


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