Tell Tale ending…

This blog is soon finishing but it is NOT THE END. I’ve been running between two blogs, dedicated to either photography or writing. A seemingly logical but cumbersome split so…
…I’m combining two into one – an ad-free WordPress blog, as what is the point of displaying one’s images or words when there are ugly adverts in the way.

  • When? July 27th – after my birthday break
  • Where? Watch this space!!
It Ain’t Heavy….It’s just stuff and nonsense!

Technicalities: I’ve managed to export all the blog posts, pages, comments etc  I want from here and import them to the new site. The task was not as hideous as I’d envisaged! All that’s missing so far is the odd image file and all the Likes 😦

Admin/Dashboard:Tools/Export – The valid WXR (.xml) files are the only things included in the export completion link that follows.
After download & unzip, Admin/Dashboard:Tools/Import will ask for that file(s) and confirm when the process is complete.

p.s. Apologies to those I have linked up with over the years as the process seems to re-activate this