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Swans down

whooper swan photoart & poem - 2017 Laura Granby
photoart and poem – © 2017 Laura Granby

Messengers from the hyperborean regions
bearing winter on their backs they seek the South now
bright beacons of beak pulse in whitewash formations
carved from Icelandic births, theirs an arrow-headed arrival
falling through clouds and dusting the landscape like snow
wing beats and wild whoops announce their coming
we hail our visitors as heroes of the thousand frozen miles
they have kept faith with the cycle

like these migrants we too have harnessed the winds
farmed out land to armies of white, shimmering sentinels
electrifying air by the mere miracle of revolution
all along the flight paths, the feeding grounds,
columnar collisions, ever-ready blades for the execution

the arrival of Whooper swans heralds the imminence of our winter – see Whooper Swans video

Lilian asks us to include ‘visit’ or its derivation in our poetics poem: “Leave the Porch Light On