Wild and white

white blossom – photoart & poem – 2018 Laura Granby

today I’ll write about white
after all it is April and the wild cherries
are making preparations
there’ll be a spread of summer jam
bleached damask tablecloths edged with picot
lifting like coy petticoats in a flurry
and when drapes are drawn to a close
snow will embellish the winter garden
inviting the living to proclaim their presence
pen and ink on a blanched canvas
footfall on coral sand
today it is the inimitable fall of petals
in immaculate transience

Recipe: Wild cherry jam

This poem is prompted by Waiting on Words day nine: White. It is chosen by Elizabeth whose birthday it is today and who writes beautifully at Soul’s Music
And am planting this April poem in the Imaginary Garden’s free-for-all “Tuesday Platform