Liberating the connections

Free association is a quick-fire word exercise, based on the belief that the cognitive critic can be by-passed. Here are three connections that were liberated from the unconscious:-

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREHomerun – it’s one of those feats that I never achieved, having struggled to bat a ball or be particularly swift on my feet. And what a feeling of triumph is encased in that phrase!

But perhaps it is also  run home – that anchor of security whether in fear or at the end of a day of play or work, where there is one spot of security and belonging that means the world to us.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAssociating with soil is the . . . soil association. ‘Healthy soil, healthy people, healthy planet’ is the naive byline for this environmental charity which glibly glosses over the part human populations play in trampling over the earth. Thus I’ve an uneasy sense of association with any environmental cause, although the earth, its environs and the creatures that make the world go round are of fundamental concern.


It never rains but it pours is an apt saying for this winter in London. Warm, dull and wet but nevertheless after rain comes dance.

There are parts of the earth where people have to appease the gods and supplicate with a dance, in order for clouds to liquefy. But even where there is no drought, rain seems to trip the light fantastic. Out of leaden skies it shimmies,  window tapping, leaping gutters, and cavorting down the street like the all singing and dancing Gene Kelly.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Free Associations: Home; Soil; Rain