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4. Catching the bull

“Strong of body and spirit, he is not easily subdued.
At times, he scales the lofty plains,
Then hides deep within the cloud-like mist.

As certainties slip from the grasp
cloudland lifts its top  and cuckoos flee
across contours, through half-closed lids the eyes compose
deft as any painter of landscapes
green wash of watercolour
pencilling where craggy heights give way to forest
darker furze slip slide into angular fields
pastures paddle as water meadows
at the horizontal, a sudden halt
willow borderlines wafting snowflake
seeds of late summer

persistent is the canty cloud of flies
pestering the peace
deep in these distractions, a distinct swish of tail
and sudden shape-shifting tremor
the wild bull at bay in its own petrified gaze
foam-flecked feelings ripple up through vellum
sinews singled out with a hidebound resistance
somewhere between tensile rope and whip
I must muster just enough cunning for the capture

Fourth poem of the series interpreting the ten oxherding pictures of Zen meditation – see Poetry Project: 10 bulls 
And I’m offering up these verses with others who are gathering today in the Poetry Pantry